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Rate per Download

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Download rate

Example for a discharge of a surface of 1 ha. : €45.23

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Variable Discount Rate

Fixed Quota
Quota for an
Autonomous Community
92 /month
Rate for calendar year
Quota for all
Autonomous Communities
184 /month
Rate for calendar year
Applicable discounts
1 to 10 downloads
11 to 100 downloads
more than 100 downloads

Access large discounts according to the amount of downloads you make in the month.

Calculation Discount Rate Variable

Fixed Quota
One or all of the AC
Variable Amount
Rate Download No Downloads % Discount
Estimate your savings
Rate for a AC with 12 monthly downloads
Rate Download 50% 92€
€ 363,38
€ 542,76
Savings VDR
€ 179,38
Base rate used: €45.23 relative to 1 ha. surface

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